Saturday, June 4, 2011

Last class

[Note from blogmaster: As some of the students are posting their running journals after the fact, the entries may appear out of order. But we leave them in the order in which they are posted to allow you to follow their reflections as they unfold. This reflects on the last meeting but will not be the last post on this blog!]

During our last formal session together, His Holiness offered the students these final words of advice:

"Remember that you are not a machine. Do not live the life of a robot. Be a full human being. In other words, live in the fullness of love and affection for all those around you.

"Soon you will be returning to your homes. Though we will be separating physically, we need not separate mentally. Our affection for each other can keep us close. We can remain connected through our good heart.

"We can always see the stars twinkling in the sky. In the same way, wherever you will be in the world, you can be a lamp brightening the space around you. In the evenings after dusk, I often go out on my terrace and look at the stars. When I do so and then close my eyes, I make the prayer now that I will be able to see each of you with my mind’s eye, twinkling brightly wherever you are."

I believe there were a few students whose eyes did not moisten. Together, teacher and students went outside after this session to take the group photo you see above.


  1. Thanks for doing this if only because it permits me some greater degree of inclusion. :). It's a beautiful day in a German village at my end. I'm over here because I spawned in London UK as a graduate student - with a German graduate student, back in 1995 and so now there's this 20 long international child rearing project going on. The boy is now 15. The father and I have not been a couple for years which is sometimes painful, but here I am in the guy's home town and so is our son: a dual-family system relocated all the way to Germany from Indiana out of shared custody. While its not sweet like a happy romance, it is very much due to our love for: our child, one another, each other's nations, a global outlook and spirit of international cooperation.

  2. Thanks y'all

    I needed some more Grace

    xoxo Thomas

  3. btw .... here's a super long shot - hail Mary šŸ˜ I'm hoping to catch up with my beautiful and wise sister who is a long time member of your AWESOME organization ....her name is Cynthia Blackstone Anderson she is 68*** I'm Thomas Stewart Anderson her little brother 67, lol! Cheers, Aloha & Mahalos