Monday, May 23, 2011

Ten Topics

Over the course of several months before arriving in India, the University of Redlands students developed a list of ten topics and wrote abstracts presenting their particular interests and views on each issue. The topics were divided into area of concern for their own lives and areas of concern for the world. They then devoted an entire class to exploring that topic, expressing their aspirations and hearing His Holiness the Karmapa's advice for addressing the issue, followed by an extended question and answer session with him.

Social Issues

Consumerism and Greed
Social Justice
The Environment
Food Justice
Gender Inequality

Personal Issues

Finding a Meaningful Livelihood
Integrating Spirituality
Healthy Relationships
Conflict Resolution

As the students reflect on all they received in their time with His Holiness the Karmapa, they will be posting their experiences and thoughts on these topics here.


  1. These students already are well on their way to developing wisdom, judging by the topics they selected. Would love to hear more, specifically, about what HHK said about the environment--a particular interest of mine here in Florida. Thanks so much for this web site--I find it very inspirational.


    This is an attempt to respond and expresses some desire towards participation. I'm glad it was a good experience for everyone.

  3. That's marvellous experience. I hope students in the Universities here in Hong Kong can have such previous chance to learn and live with HH the 17th karmapa

  4. It is so lucky for these students. I hope one day I also have a chance in mylife to see the 17th Karmapa in personnal.

    Nam mo ami da phat-Vietnam