Thursday, May 26, 2011

"The Moon is the Keeper of My Love" Song Lyrics

Note from blogmaster: The following are lyrics to a song composed by Brendan Mead and Patrick Sundlof, and performed by them for His Holiness during the concluding dinner, as pictured here. When Ani Damcho explained to His Holiness during the dinner that Brendan had written the lyrics, Brendan clarified that in fact, the lyrics were mainly His Holiness' own words. In one of the teachings given to the students, His Holiness the Karmapa had described his own aspiration to make his own love for the world very vast, to send it out to the moon and let the moon keep it for him so that that love could shine out for all.

Check back later for an mp3 recording of Brendan and Patrick performing the song.

The Moon is the Keeper of My Love
- by Brendan Mead and Patrick Sundlof

The moon is the keeper of my love
Even when it wanes it still prepares to wax
the moon goes in cycles, like this life to the next
Follow your course and believe in your best
Trust the moon and its path

The moon is the keeper of my love
Even when it wants, it is still full
Just look up to see the light beaming from above
Don’t grasp at it let its shine be your pull
Through the night to the day

The moon is cradled by the earth
Rising on the same path taking the course
Shining down lighting your way
Keeping you safe until the day when
you can return to my loving embrace


  1. Such a wonderful song! Thank you. Would love to hear the audio.

  2. We are so happy that such an open inspiring young group of Americans were able to share their ideas & receive the wisdom of the Gyalwa Karmapa. We are disciples of His Holiness & live near Gyuto Monastery & are delighted that you came from California and appreciate this precious opportunity you have had.